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Routledge INEM Advances in Economic Methodology

The field of economic methodology has expanded rapidly during the last few decades. This expansion has occurred in part because of changes within the discipline of economics, in part because of changes in the prevailing philosophical conception of scientific knowledge, and also because of various transformations within wider society.

Research in economic methodology now reflects not only developments in contemporary economic theory, the history of economic thought, and the philosophy of science; but it also reflects developments in science studies, historical epistemology, and social theorizing more generally. The field of economic methodology still includes the search for rules for the proper conduct of economic science, but it also covers a vast array of other subjects and accommodates a variety of different approaches to those subjects.

The objective of this series is to provide a forum for the publication of significant works in the growing field economic methodology. Since the series defines methodology quite broadly, it will publish books on a wide range of different methodological subjects.

The series is also open to a variety of different types of works: original research monographs, edited collections, as well as republication of significant earlier contributions to the methodological literature.

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Latest titles:

Methodology and History of Economics: Reflections with and without Rules, 2022

Edited by Bruce Caldwell, John Davis, Uskali Mäki, Esther-Mirjam Sent

The Positive and the Normative in Economic Thought, 2022

Edited by Sina Badiei, Agnès Grivaux

The Morality of Economic Behaviour: Economics as Ethics, 2022

by Vangelis Chiotis

The Philosophy of Causality in Economics: Causal Inferences and Policy Proposals, 2021

by Mariusz Maziarz

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